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Kate Swenson

With over twenty-five years as a professional theatre artist and writer, I’ve run the gamut. I've performed in the fringiest of fringe venues to Equity houses to wilderness amphitheaters. My writing has brought me to swanky award ceremonies, yurts with no indoor plumbing, and too many coffee shops (and bars) to count.



Onstage and backstage I've worked in front of house, production, education, development, administrative, custodial, and executive capacities. I know exactly how many actors/stage managers/stagehands it takes to change a light bulb—and I know where to find the bulbs. 


My plays for young actors and young audiences have been performed extensively across the Puget Sound region. My award-winning fiction explores themes of magic, found family, and the importance of defining one's own story. I believe humor is the spice of life and I use it liberally in all my work.

As an developmental editor and writing coach, I love helping fellow storytellers sweep away the unseen cobwebs and shore up the foundation so their intentions shine.

It doesn’t matter what genre: play, novel, short story, performance art, or undefinable project. If storytelling is at the core—I can help you identify what’s missing, what needs bolstering, and what you might need to save for later.



What does this mean, exactly?


The actor who wants to write a one-person show.

The writer who wants to pitch their story to agent.

The dance troupe that wants to add dialogue to their performance.

The author who wants to read their work to an audience.

The playwright who wants to write a novel.

The novelist who wants to write a play.


Many artists feel at sea in places where writing and performance overlap, but these briny waters are my home. I’ve got flippers, snorkels, and waterproof snacks—let’s dive in together.


ConFab Arts is the place where I can share my eclectic experience, unique eye for big-picture and tiny-detail problem solving, and my genuine love for artists and stories to a broader group of artists. 

Imagine tackling the next phase of your project with a one-woman support team full of encouragement, creative troubleshooting, honest (gentle) feedback, and humor who will get you ready to take the spotlight with confidence. Let’s ConFab!


But don’t take my word for it, find out what these ConFab artists have to say...

Selected Projects

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