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Andrea Karin Nelson

I've had the joy of working with Kate in many artistic capacities, from theater to writing to arts education, and I cannot recommend her enough. Kate is a go-to when I need feedback on my writing and her input is always invaluable. She has a great knack for looking at an artistic piece of work, whatever the medium, identifying what it needs, and providing creative, yet practical ideas to solve it. 

Smitha Krishnan

Kate Swenson was introduced to us by a patron in the Washington Arts Community.  Our school's expertise lies in the field of dance, and we needed a partner like Kate to help refine the drama elements of our upcoming production.  At the first meeting, Kate impressed us with her thoughtful questions, quick grasp of the concept and theme and openness to our ideas and feedback.  She was very reasonable in the quotes she provided us for engagement, and also very clear about the body of work she was completing for this price.

Kate's first draft hit the mark with our expectations, and just with a few back and forths over email, she was able to elevate our script to the next level.  Since our theme is in the genre of historical fiction, Kate was able to add the right touch to the dialogs to bring out this element in a very classy way.  Additionally, Kate helped develop the characters further and also connected any loose ends that were ambiguous from an audience perspective.  

We highly recommend Kate for her skills and professionalism and look forward to partnering with her again!

Stacia Leigh

Kate Swenson has been an integral part of my creative writing team, bringing her keen eye for details, her passion for the project, and her radiating sense of humor. She's a rockstar who delivers!

Erin Murray

When you hire Kate Swenson, you are hiring a performer, educator, fiction writer, and playwright with over 20 years of experience. No creative question is off the table: she has helped me as a Director in areas such as audition side selection and rehearsal organization, as a playwright through proof-reading and identifying themes I had not previously recognized, and as an educator by advising over curriculum creation and phrasing of constructive criticism.


Kate understands the many forms of artistic fears that can appear throughout the creative process and comes prepared with a suggestion or goal to keep a writer writing or leader leading. Hesitation is understandable, but she will get you back on the starting block where you belong. However, it is Kate’s sense of humor and comedic timing (both in conversation and on the page) that makes working with her a true joy. Her love of word play and rhythms of speech quickly elevate any section of dialogue. 


After hours of typing alone and working on a story that no one else can see but you, she is The Safe Place to show your work in progress. Kate knows how to keep an artist at ease while divining the lifeblood in any stubborn section. The decision to contact Kate Swenson to assist with a creative goal is a sound one. Kate brings out the you in your or your organization’s unique form of artistic expression.

Stephanie Prehoda

I cannot recommend Kate Swenson enough! Her editing skills, communication, and personality are sparkling! She elevates everything she touches, and her feedback has helped my manuscripts reach the next level. Without Kate, my days would be dull, my drafts would have plot holes, and my writing journey would have halted years ago. So, please, stop wasting your time reading this review and email Kate to edit your creative works—I would never steer you in the wrong direction, and neither would she.

Steve Jaquith


After working with Kate Swenson for more than a decade, I can recommend her as a wonderful person, a talented playwright/storyteller/fiction writer/performer/editor/director, and a skilled organizer, coordinator, and grant writer. Kate wears many hats, spins many plates, and juggles many chainsaws, and somehow always seems to be having fun, no matter how hard she is hustling, which makes every process so much easier on the rest of us. Working with Kate will make your life better.

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