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Killer Christmas Book Cover

'Tis the season for hot cocoa, mistletoe kisses, and... murder?

Newly minted private investigator Clarity Bloom swaps mistletoe for mayhem at her family's whimsical Christmas Market. When a drunken Santa wreaks havoc and a murder mystery unfolds amid stampeding farm animals, Clarity must race against the clock to catch a Yuletide killer. Can she solve the mystery before the holiday slayer sleighs away? It’s not just Christmas, it’s a Killer Christmas.

Lily, a paranormal internet personality, has been hanging out with ghosts since she was orphaned in a car accident as a child. Unable to accept that she was the only survivor, she’s come to prefer the dead to the living. Capitalizing on her gift to see beyond the veil, she livestreams her solo graveyard ghost hunts, only to discover the last wish of her ghostly best friend, Rue.

Lily needs to figure out how to bring Rue together with her eighteen-year-old daughter one last time. But in doing so, Lily will have to learn how to brave the land of the living, starting with her co-worker Dom, who has her wondering if maybe a relationship with someone other than a ghost might not be so bad.

A story of friendship and learning to let go of those who have moved on, this one is sure to yank your heartstrings.

Lily Sees Dead People Book Cover
Chasing Noelle Book Cover

What would you do to get back to the person you love?

Noelle Montgomery is used to battle. As a kindergarten teacher, she fights germs, intrusive questions, and ‘the wiggles’ on a daily basis. She’s not afraid of anything…except asking her boyfriend, Griffin, what comes next.

When a visit to a friend forces the issue, Noelle takes a walk to clear her head and stumbles onto a gruesome scene. She’s the only person who can help convict rising drug lord, Luis Duque, of murder, and escaping his wrath is the one battle she knows she can’t win. When offered witness protection, Noelle gives up on her unknown future with Griffin and starts over with a brand-new life.

Griffin Daniels has a ring in his pocket the night he’s told his girlfriend is killed. After years of careful preparation, his dreams, and the woman he loves are gone in an instant. He forces a confrontation with Duque’s gang and learns that Noelle may still be alive. Using his tech savvy and the help of his best friend, Griffin finds Noelle as she races across the country to testify by Christmas. But...Duque’s been looking for her, too.

Reunited and still in danger, Noelle and Griffin must work together to survive Duque and find their way back to love.

Chasing Noelle is an emotionally-driven contemporary romance with elements of suspense and a touch of Christmas magic.

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