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Meet the Tipsy Typers

There are currently twenty-one official Tipsy Typers members. We're a refreshing cocktail made of traditionally published, hobbyist, award-wining, brand-new, indie, pre-published, amateur, and professional writers.

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays?  Sounds like us!

The Tipsy Typer table is a glorious garnish tray of genres. There are romance queens laughing it up with horror mavens, memoirists brainstorming with D&D creators, young-adult authors helping plot murders---and we actually get some writing done too. 

In 2024 we're celebrating our authors (who aren't social media shy) by releasing new profiles twice a month.

Get to know your Tipsy Typers by clicking a video below! (We're pretty cool.) Stay tuned for two new authors each month. 

JD Douwes

Kate Swenson

Kim Clarke

Martina Dalton

Sean Mobley

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